O3C offers translations in all areas of technology. The more high-tech, the better!

Quality assurance
O3Cís translations are of such a high quality that they can be submitted directly to organisations such as EPO, USPTO, JPO, WIPO or the Swedish and other national patent offices.

The translators who work for O3C are professional specialists with at least a Master of Science or an equivalent degree, and 25% have a PhD.

When our translators start working for O3C, they receive training in the art of technical translation. This training continues throughout their time with us. O3C has many translators, which means that we can always find a specialist who really knows your subject area to do the translation for you.

Quality controllers
What makes O3C unique is its system of quality controllers. At least two people will work on your translation: a translator and a quality controller. The quality controller works as a mentor and sounding board for the translator, helping him or her with both technical and linguistic aspects of their translations. Most of our quality controllers for patents come from a patent office, such as Swedish Patent Office or EPO and have many yearsí experience from working with patents.

It is therefore no surprise that we are famous for the high level of quality that we maintain in our translations!

At O3C we can translate many language combinations.
The most common language pairs are:
- into Swedish from French, German and English
- from Swedish into French, German and English

- all combinations of French, German and English
- from French, German and English to Italian, Finnish, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese

- from Japanese, Chinese or Korean into English
- from English into Japanese, Chinese or Korean

We can also handle many other combinations. Just ask and you will see!

No matter what language combination you require, our translators only translate into their mother tongue.

We deliver a complete packaged translation ready to be used, with formulas, translated drawings and tables etc. in your desired format.

For patents:
Normally we will receive a copy of either the Druckexemplar or the B1 from you. You will receive from us a complete translation in MS Word together with a Translatorís Certificate.
For other high-tech translations:
We can translate text files, Word documents, paper copies, pdf:s etc.