Who are we?
The most important characteristic of every single one of O3Cís translators is their in-depth knowledge of their particular field. We firmly believe that an engineer who is skilled at languages is better to translate patents than a famous literary translator.

But if you need assistance with a marketing brochure which should not be too technical, it might be better with a technical writer.

With this approach we have at O3C Technology become a group of talented engineers, scientists and writers who all together are able to explain in an understandable way how a DNA segment coding for a an H-chain at an antibody can help against cancer, why IPS based security beyond the domains of the big industrial groups can protect against worms, viruses and Trojans.

In the same way as with all parts of the O3C group, at least two persons are dedicated to each translation: a translator and a quality controller. Quality controllers work as mentor and sounding boards for translators, both technically and languagewise.
As always, they only translate to their respective mother tongue.