About O3C Technology
O3C Technology translates technology; it is as simple as that. The more advanced the technology the better as we can then make use of our technical expertise. That is why we call it high-tech translations. This can be:

* technical papers, theses and articles and reports

* manuals and instructions

* technical contracts and agreements

* technical press releases and other information material

* web sites

Quality controllers

What makes O3C unique is its system of quality controllers. At least two people work on your translation: a translator and a quality controller. The quality controller works as a mentor and a sounding board for the translators, helping them with the technical and linguistic aspects of the translation.

It is therefore no surprise that we are famous for the high level of quality that we maintain in our translations!


At O3C Technology we translate to and from the same languages as at O3C Patent. Whatever the language, the translators only translate into their respective mother tongue.