Who are we?
The most important characteristic of every single one of O3Cís translators is their in-depth knowledge of their particular field. We firmly believe that an engineer with language skills is better at translating patents than a famous literary translator with an interest in technology.

We have put together a big group of highly skilled technicians, engineers, scientists and medical experts with an excellent ability to express themselves in writing in their native language.

All our translators have at least a Master of Science or an equivalent degree and 25% have a PhD. We have an equal number of men and women.

O3C Patent works with many translators, which means that we can always find a specialist who really knows your subject area to do the translation for you.

Because we do not formally require our translators to have experience in patent translation, all our translators receive training in patent translation before they start working for O3C.

This training then continues through O3Cís system of allocating at least two professionals to each translation: a translator and a quality controller. The quality controller works as a mentor and sounding board for translators, helping them with the technical, linguistic and patent aspects of their translations. Most of our quality controllers come from a patent office, such as PRV or EPO and have many yearsí experience in working with patents.