About O3C
A lot of time has passed since O3C was launched in 1988.

At O3C we focus on what we are really good at: translating technology. The more advanced the technology the better because this means that we can really use out technological expertise. That is why we call it high-tech translations.

The venture into the highly advanced and challenging world of patent translations several years ago has opened the door for us to other high-tech translations, such as:

* scientific papers, reports, theses and articles
* manuals and instructions
* contracts and agreements
* technical press releases and other information documents
* web pages

Our knowledge of patents and patent translation has also grown during the years. In the beginning we only translated approved patents for validation in Sweden from German, French and English.
Today O3C has developed into a pan-European validation company translating into many European languages and we can also assist you in the process of handing in your translation to the national patent offices.

We have indeed come a long way since 1988!