O3C may not be a large, world famous company.
However, we have a unique business concept and staff with highly specialised knowledge.
These are important assets for success!
These assets have made us the largest translation agency in Sweden in patents and technology.

What can we do for your company? What is your business?
What kind of risks will your company face in the next 5-10 years?
Do you have a business concept that can launch your commercial image to heights well above your competitors?
Because we come from the same world as you do, we understand what you are saying when you tell us about your companyís needs.

Our business concept is to serve as a complete resource for you.
You can rest easy, secure in knowing that no matter if itís about validating your patent in several European countries, translating your patent or other high-tech texts; it will be done on time and with a constant level of high quality.
This means that you can spend more time on what is important to you!

It will also save you money and time on the management and administration of your translations. No one on your staff should have to spend time trying to find an available competent translator.

Would you like to know more about how we can make your company a winner?